#61 - NFL Defensive Legend Cliff Avril: Crushing Real Estate After Crushing QBs
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#61 - NFL Defensive Legend Cliff Avril: Crushing Real Estate After Crushing QBs

Welcome back to Passive Income Pilots, where we dive into the intersection of aviation, finance, and personal success. Today, we have a special treat for both football enthusiasts and aspiring investors. Our guest is none other than Seattle Seahawk NFL Defensive Legend and Super Bowl Champion, Cliff Avril. Known for his ferocious defense and countless quarterback sacks, Cliff has seamlessly transitioned from the gridiron to the real estate market. In this episode, Cliff shares his journey from NFL stardom to real estate success, offering invaluable insights on financial freedom, investment strategies, and the mindset required to crush it in any field. Whether you're a die-hard football fan or a budding real estate mogul, you won't want to miss this episode packed with actionable advice and inspiration.

Timestamped Show Notes

(00:08) - Overview of Cliff Avril’s NFL career and transition to real estate.

(02:04) - Overview of the podcast: passive income strategies, tax strategies, asset protection, and real estate.

(02:39) - Cliff discusses his NFL career and the differences between Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks.

(04:42) - Impact of Pete Carroll’s coaching style on Cliff’s approach to business.

(06:14) - Cliff’s transition to real estate and the importance of passion and dedication.

(09:02) - Mindset of investing and avoiding financial pitfalls post-NFL.

(12:04) - The importance of networking and building a community of investors.

(14:35) - Cliff shares the biggest challenges and setbacks in real estate.

(16:48) - Business model and the goal of creating generational wealth for friends and family.

(18:35) - Education and involvement of friends and family in real estate investments.

(20:59) - Recommended podcasts and books for aspiring real estate investors.

(22:20) - Cliff’s philanthropy: building homes and schools in Haiti.

(25:54) - Cliff’s projects and partnerships with Marshawn Lynch & Ndamukong Suh.

(29:59) - Identifying properties and building a team for real estate projects.

(32:35) - The importance of networking and genuine relationship building.

(34:22) - Cliff’s approach to networking: making friends and building genuine relationships.

(35:40) - Cliff’s advice on playing like a champion every day and maintaining a positive mindset.

(38:56) - Cliff’s favorite games outside of the Super Bowl and their impact on his approach to life and business.

(39:03) - The importance of key team members in Cliff’s business.

(40:33) - Cliff’s most rewarding achievement post-NFL: educating his mother on investing and financial independence.

(42:20) - Closing remarks and information about the Passive Income Pilots community.

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