#66 - Frequent Flyer Health Hacks from Special Forces Coach Alex Racey
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#66 - Frequent Flyer Health Hacks from Special Forces Coach Alex Racey

In this episode we welcome special guest Alex Racey, a renowned personal performance coach with an extensive background in the military. The discussion focuses on the importance of maintaining physical and mental health, particularly for aviators, frequent flyers, and professionals who sit for long periods. Alex Racey, who served 25 years in the U.S. Army, shares his expertise on how to achieve overall well-being through practical advice on nutrition, exercise, and sleep. He also has a personal connection to the aviation world through his son, who is in training to become a pilot. Alex highlights the significance of consistent, small efforts over time to ensure long-term health and wellness. This episode provides valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their health and performance.

Timestamped Show Notes

(00:00) Introduction by Tait and Ryan; discussing the importance of motivation.

(02:19) Introduction of guest Alex Racey, his military background, and transition to personal performance coaching.

(03:52) Alex shares his personal experience and the significance of physical and mental health in achieving a fulfilled life.

(04:25) Alex talks about his military background and transition to civilian life, emphasizing the importance of physical health.

(07:07) Discussion on the challenges of maintaining physical health and tips for pilots on staying active during flights.

(12:35) Nutrition tips for pilots; how to manage diet during long flights and trips.

(15:16) Practical advice on making healthier food choices while traveling and eating at restaurants.

(18:10) Importance of cumulative small efforts in physical fitness and overall health.

(21:18) Discussion on the impact of sleep and the importance of a good sleep routine for mental health.

(28:18) Overview of Alex's coaching methods and the types of clients he works with.

(29:08) Tips for managing sleep during international flights and adjusting to different time zones.

(30:04) Additional tips for maintaining health and wellness while traveling.

(34:30) Conclusion and how to get in touch with Alex Racey for personal coaching.

Resources Mentioned

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Protein Baselines Worksheet

"Outlive" by Peter Attia

Matt Walker: Sleep Diplomat Podcast

Fly safe and stay healthy!

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