#67 - Protecting Your Wings: What Pilots Need to Know with Dr. Dan Monlux
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#67 - Protecting Your Wings: What Pilots Need to Know with Dr. Dan Monlux

Welcome back to Passive Income Pilots! In this special "Friday for Flyers" episode, we're diving into a critical topic for every pilot – medical certifications and aeromedical issues. Today, we have the honor of hosting Dr. Dan Monlux, an experienced AME, former F-18 pilot, and founder of Wingman Med. Dr. Monlux brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the complexities of pilot medicals, ensuring you protect your wings and maintain your flying career. Whether you're a seasoned aviator or just starting, this episode is packed with valuable insights you won't want to miss.

Timestamped Show Notes

(00:00) Introduction to the episode and guest.

(00:30) Overview of the episode and its focus on pilot medical certifications.

(01:20) Introduction to Dr. Dan Monlux and his background as an F-18 pilot and AME.

(02:42) Dr. Dan Monlux discusses his journey and experience in aviation and medicine.

(04:18) Dr. Monlux shares stories from his time as an F-18 pilot.

(05:30) Transitioning from military aviation to medicine and becoming an AME.

(06:41) The importance of understanding that the AME is not your treating doctor but an FAA designee.

(08:09) Tips on how to approach your medical exam and when to consult your AME versus your primary care doctor.

(09:39) Explanation of the MedExpress application process and the importance of not handing over your confirmation number prematurely.

(10:50) The importance of bureaucracy and documentation in FAA medical certification.

(11:57) The deferral process when disqualifying medical conditions arise.

(14:15) Common reasons for medical certification denials and what blindsides pilots the most.

(16:24) Discussion on special issuances and administrative processes to get them cleared.

(18:30) The role of regional flight surgeons and program analysts in the FAA certification process.

(20:23) MedExpress application details and the importance of telling a consistent medical history story.

(22:58) Consequences of letting your medical certificate expire and the process of downgrading to a different class.

(25:29) Getting out of the bureaucratic cycle and the role of Wingman Med in helping pilots.

(28:00) When to seek legal advice versus medical consultation for certification issues.

(30:15) Overview of the HIMS program and its significance for pilots with alcohol, substance abuse, and mental health issues.

(32:50) Discussion on FAA mental health policies and the need for more resources to process applications.

(35:00) Dr. Monlux's top three tips for pilots to ensure they pass their medical exams.

(36:20) How to reach out to Wingman Med for consultations and the benefits of their MedExpress simulator.

(38:00) Closing thoughts and final advice from Dr. Monlux.

(39:00) Wrap-up and thank you to Dr. Monlux.

Feel free to reach out to Wingman Med for a free consultation if you have any medical concerns or need guidance on your certification. Visit their website at wingmanmed.com.

FAA Regional Flight Surgeon

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Fly safe and stay healthy!

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