#59 - The Silver Tsunami: Dwayne Clark on the Future of Senior Living Investments
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#59 - The Silver Tsunami: Dwayne Clark on the Future of Senior Living Investments

Welcome to another episode of Passive Income Pilots, where we delve into the burgeoning world of assisted living investments. Join hosts Tate Duryea and Ryan Gibson as they discuss the impact of the demographic shift known as the "Silver Tsunami" with Dwayne Clark, founder of Aegis Living. Dwayne shares his extensive experience in building a premier brand in the senior housing industry and provides insights into the challenges and triumphs of caring for the aging population.

Timestamped Show Notes:

(00:00) - Introduction by Tate and Ryan, discussing the demographic trends boosting assisted living investments.

(01:00) - Tate shares a personal story highlighting the immediate relevance of senior care.

(02:00) - Ryan introduces Dwayne Clark, highlighting his accomplishments and the ethos of Aegis Living.

(04:00) - Dwayne Clark joins the conversation, detailing his journey from the criminal justice field to senior housing.

(05:00) - Discussion on the inception of Aegis Living and the challenges of funding and growing a business in senior housing.

(07:00) - Dwayne reflects on the sacrifices made to establish Aegis Living, including personal financial risks.

(10:00) - Exploring the demographic changes affecting senior housing and the concept of the "silver tsunami."

(13:00) - Insights into the supply constraints in senior housing exacerbated by COVID-19 and its impacts on the market.

(15:00) - Dwayne shares his philosophy on integrating community history and elements into the design of Aegis facilities.

(17:00) - Detailed explanation of different types of senior living and care options available.

(20:00) - Discussion on the investment aspects of senior housing and the importance of choosing the right management.

(24:00) - Dwayne addresses how families can finance senior living through home equity and other means.

(28:00) - Advice for individuals on how to discuss and plan for aging parents’ future care needs.

(32:00) - Ryan and Tate reflect on the operational excellence at Aegis Living.

(35:00) - Dwayne discusses the role of adversity in shaping his career and approach to senior living.

(38:00) - Closing thoughts on the current economic climate and its effect on the real estate and senior living sectors.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Aegis Living Website: Visit Aegis Living
  • Dwayne Clark's Personal Website: Explore Here
  • Dwayne's upcoming book Where's Your Purse: A Guide for Children with Aging Parents details managing aging parent care.

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