#54 - The Inner Game of Real Estate with Leka Devatha
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#54 - The Inner Game of Real Estate with Leka Devatha

Join us in this insightful episode of Passive Income Pilots as we explore the multifaceted world of real estate with Leka Devatha. From her early beginnings to overcoming the inherent challenges of the industry, Leka shares her journey of resilience, intuition, and strategic diversification. Discover actionable insights and inspiration whether you’re making your first investment or looking to expand your portfolio. Dive deep into the psyche of a successful investor and uncover the qualities that set apart the greats in the volatile arena of real estate.

Timestamped Show Notes:

(00:00) Introduction and warm welcome to Leka Devatha

(00:21) The essence of fearlessness in real estate investing

(02:00) How Leka transitioned from corporate to conquering real estate

(03:23) The reality of flipping homes: Behind the scenes of Leka’s projects

(03:44) Facing the first major challenge in real estate investment

(04:31) A story of a significant setback and the invaluable lessons learned

(09:46) Sharing the biggest wins in Leka’s real estate career

(11:04) The secret behind managing numerous successful projects solo

(14:10) Harnessing intuition and analysis to seize the best real estate opportunities

(16:54) Finding and working with the right contractors and property managers

(20:38) The benefits of diversifying your real estate investment strategy

(25:38) Flipping homes as a form of passive income? Leka’s unique approach

(26:11) Discussing the tax implications of flipping houses

(28:09) The importance of education and taking action in real estate investing

(32:35) How Leka’s pilot experience parallels her approach to real estate

(35:45) Leka shares her motivation to continue in real estate despite financial freedom

(39:39) The secret to running a successful and engaging real estate meetup

(41:23) Closing remarks and how to connect with Leka Devatha

Follow Leka Devatha on Instagram for more real estate insights: @LekaDevatha

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