#53 - Eyes On The Horizon: Real Estate Insights from Kathy Fettke
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#53 - Eyes On The Horizon: Real Estate Insights from Kathy Fettke

In today's episode hosts Tait Duryea and Ryan Gibson navigate through the vast skies of real estate investing with the guidance of real estate titan, Kathy Fettke. As a renowned expert and a beacon of knowledge in real estate and economics, Kathy brings invaluable insights into the current real estate market, investment strategies, and the future of property investment. Whether you're at the helm of your real estate journey or just preparing for takeoff, this episode promises to elevate your understanding of real estate investments and economic trends.

Timestamped Show Notes:

(00:00:00) Introduction to Passive Income Pilots and Today’s Guest, Kathy Fettke.

(00:01:00) Kathy Fettke’s Background: From Broadcast Journalism to Real Estate Mogul.

(00:03:00) Empowering Women in Finance and Investing.

(00:06:00) The Catalysts for Kathy’s Real Estate Journey: Personal Challenges and Insights.

(00:08:00) Analyzing the Economic Impacts of the Pandemic on Real Estate.

(00:10:00) The Inflation Effect: Money Supply and Real Estate Dynamics.

(00:12:00) Navigating Interest Rates and the Surprising Resilience of the Economy.

(00:14:00) The Resilient U.S. Economy: A Deep Dive into the Money Supply and Investment Strategies.

(00:17:00) 2008 vs. Now: How Today’s Real Estate Market Differs from the Past.

(00:22:00) The Future of Real Estate: Understanding Current Trends and Preparing for What’s Next.

(00:24:00) The Role of Office and Commercial Real Estate in Today’s Market.

(00:27:00) Kathy’s Advice for New Investors: Simplifying the Path to Real Estate Investment.

(00:30:00) The Pitfalls to Avoid in Real Estate Investing.

(00:33:00) The Allure and Risks of "Exciting" Real Estate Projects.

(00:36:00) The Benefits of Investing in Real Estate: Tax Advantages and Long-Term Growth.

(00:38:00) Overcoming Personal and Financial Challenges Through Real Estate.

(00:41:00) Real Estate Strategies for Busy Professionals: Finding the Right Investments.

(00:43:00) Selecting Low-Maintenance Real Estate Investments Suitable for Busy Lives.

(00:46:00) Resources and Advice for Those New to Real Estate Investing.

Resources Mentioned

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