#28 - Real Estate Investing For Wealth And Purpose With The Right Mindset With Alex Felice
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#28 - Real Estate Investing For Wealth And Purpose With The Right Mindset With Alex Felice

On this episode of Passive Income Pilots, Tait and Ryan interview Alex Felice, the creative director for the BetterLife podcast, real estate investor, and talented photographer. Alex, an Army veteran and globe traveler, shares his journey from financial struggle to success in the rental property market, inspired by the BiggerPockets podcast. He created the blog "Broke is a Choice" to help others achieve financial freedom through real estate. Alex discusses the benefits of real estate investing, such as steady cash flow and long-term stability, and emphasizes the importance of a supportive network, making sacrifices, and setting clear financial goals. Enjoy the show!

Timestamped Show Notes

(00:00) Intro

(03:28) Alex Felice's background and journey to financial freedom

(07:30) Key factors that helped Alex turn his life around

(11:47) How Alex got started in real estate investing

(13:56) Comparing stock investments and real estate: Why Alex chose real estate

(17:20) Alex's perspective on the US economic system

(20:22) What Alex would have done differently if he had initial capital

(23:56) Tips on saving money and avoiding lifestyle creep

(29:16) Alex's current projects and interests

(33:55) Ryan shares a relatable story for listeners

(37:20) Alex's favorite book: Antifragile by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

(39:05) How Alex bought a house he couldn't afford and made a profit

(42:00) The BRRR strategy: Buy, rehab, rent, refinance, and why it’s not ideal for pilots

(44:01) Alex's current investment strategy

(48:49) Alex's favorite book and investment philosophy

(51:50) The benefits of attending conferences for success

(52:26) How to find out more about Alex Felice

(52:42) Outro

Resources Mentioned

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