#58 - Tax Tactics: The TOP 5 Ways You Can Save with Toby Mathis
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#58 - Tax Tactics: The TOP 5 Ways You Can Save with Toby Mathis

Welcome back to Passive Income Pilots! In this episode we delve into essential tax strategies tailored specifically for pilots. With the expertise of Toby Mathis from Anderson Advisors, we explore five key ways you can reduce your tax liability effectively. Toby brings his depth of tax knowledge directly to our pilot audience, discussing everything from maximizing deductions to strategic asset management. Additionally, we'll cover an intriguing opportunity for pilots interested in aircraft ownership—how purchasing an airplane can not only serve personal and professional needs but also offer significant tax advantages. If you're looking to navigate the complexities of taxes with ease and make informed decisions that could save you thousands, this episode is your must-listen guide.

Timestamped Show Notes:

(00:00) - Introduction to the episode with hosts Tait and Ryan.

(01:29) - Introduction of the guest, Toby Mathis, and discussion on tax and legal workshops.

(04:02) - Explanation of tax brackets and progressive tax systems.

(05:13) - Discussion on aircraft ownership, benefits, and deductions related to taxes.

(10:24) - Detailed analysis of leasing aircraft and tax implications.

(17:15) - Strategies for pilots to utilize aircraft ownership for tax advantages.

(23:46) - Overview of various tax reduction strategies and charitable giving.

(28:36) - Introduction to tax and legal workshops offered by Toby's firm.

(32:02) - Five top tax tips for pilots including HSA benefits.

(44:58) - Discussion on solo 401k benefits and other tax-deferred accounts.

(53:15) - Conclusion and thanks to guest Toby Mathis.

Resources Mentioned:

Tax & Asset Protection Workshop

Dallas Conference June 27-29

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#14 - Depreciation Demystified: Cost Segregation and Tax Savings in Real Estate with Toby Mathis

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